How to write a ‘how to’ document

So, your organisation has to produce a document. Maybe it’s an instruction manual, a code of practice, a policy document… anything that tells people how to do things or what the rules are. But you don’t know how to get the document written in the first place.

Somebody has to pull the information together. Or maybe that’s already been done, and now someone has to collate the input and combine it into a meaningful whole.

You need someone who can get their head around potentially complex information, a writer who can organise a large amount of information and present it with clarity.

Now, you may have the necessary skill set on staff. You may even have it yourself. But do you have the capacity to get this done on time, while still doing your usual job?

The easy way to get a ‘how to’ document written, is to let me do it for you.

I’ve written loads of instruction documents – anything from one-page assembly instructions for a private business to a complex engineering code of practice spanning more than 1200 pages for a government entity.

I don’t know which came first – loving this kind of writing or being good at it. The point is that I am an expert who really enjoys writing factual documents.

Give me a call on 021 798 645 or email It will cost you nothing to have a chat and, at the very least, you might get some helpful suggestions.